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(Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program)

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(Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program)
Get the care you need from a loved one, friend, or neighbor through CDPAP

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What are the Benefits of CDPAP?

For individuals who are capable of self-directing their care program, CDPAP offers distinct advantages. It empowers patients to handpick caregivers, which can include family members or friends. It also allows for greater flexibility of scheduling, and gives the consumer a greater level of involvement in the day-to-day decision making process. 

Significantly, CDPAP does not impose any licensure requirements, which means that caregivers can perform personal care tasks that would be subject to license-restrictions when administered by a classic home health caregiver.

CDPAP at a Glance

CDPAP allows you to hire an individual, regardless if they are your family member or friend, to help you with your care.

The person receiving the care is called the Consumer. The person providing the care is called the Personal Assistant or PA.

Elite Choice is the entity that facilitates the process and pays the PA on a weekly basis. Direct Deposit is offered and some PA's are making over $40k annually.

There are no licensing requirements to be a PA. As long as you are legally able to work in the United States, you can be a Personal Assistant.

In some instances you can provide care to a family member living in the same home and/or to a pediatric child that requires care.

The definition of care varies. In some instances it’s total care for a bed bound client, and in others, it’s defined as doing laundry and preparing meals.

The CDPAP program is offered as a Medicaid benefit. Our knowledgeable experts will gladly help you apply.

Is CDPAP a Good Idea for Everyone?

CDPAP can be an excellent choice for consumers who are confident that they have the ability, manpower, and resources to manage adequate care without disrupting daily routines or generating intra-family resentment or disputes. Families who do not fit this description often find that they prefer the reliability, convenience, and professionalism of the traditional home health care route.


Thank you Elite for your superb service and support. The office staff has been extremely helpful with navigating a payroll concern. The different options for payment including direct deposit makes receiving payments straight-forward and easy. This leaves me free to concentrate on delivering the best care to my aunt.

- Brenda Fried

 I needed help after a recent hospitalization. Elite Choice helped enroll my granddaughter as my Personal Assistant. Elite Choice did everything quickly and the entire process was smooth and easy. I feel reassured as they are always available to help and assist with any concerns.

- Angie Wein

Caregiver Benefits

 Flexible schedules 

Career training

Professional development courses
Savings package

Free smartphones

Discount vouchers

Competitive Pay

Health Insurance

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for CDPAP, individuals must satisfy the following criteria:
- Must be eligible for Medicaid. If you need to register, need assistance or are not sure if you qualify, we can help.
- Must be eligible for or receiving home care services or participating in a long term health care program.
- Must be willing and able to participate in the selection, supervision, evaluation, and dismissal of the - - Personal Assistant (PA).​
- Must be willing and able to direct the Personal Assistant in required work tasks or have a designated representative willing to do so on behalf of the individual.
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